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Tone Up All Over: Best Workout Nutrition Plan

Best Workout Nutrition Plan

Drink Smart & Recover

If you’ve been trying to tone up you’ve probably noticed quite a bit of a yo-yo effect depending on the foods that you eat. I agree, this can be incredibly frustrating and I’ve found myself and my clients continually trying to switch things up, jump into different diet and eating plans always reaching for the one thing that’ll work.

The good news, is that if you can perfect your nutrition plan around your workout you will be one giant leap forward in toning up because you’ll fulfill all your nutrient needs and give your muscles the ability to become fat burning machines.

After a ton of experimentation I’ve put together a stack of 4 of the most recent and highest rated nutritional supplements in the industry.

All you got to do now is follow my blueprint plan for nutrition timing and you’re set to tone it up in a matter of weeks.

Blueprint to the Best Workout Nutrition Plan

Best Workout Nutrition Plan

Pre-workout: 1 hour Before Working Out

An hour before your workout is one of the best times to have a protein smoothie. A protein blend like BSN Syntha-6 has a complete assortment of nutrients to fuel your muscles. It also includes fiber to help you digest the protein in time for your workout as most other protein blends can get you feeling bloated which is not the best feeling for a workout.

Tip: Try the chocolate milkshake flavor, it’s so good it feels like a totally fulfilling snack.

Extra Tip: If you workout in the mornings you can have this exactly 1 hour after your workout, but more about post workout nutrition a little later.

Pre-workout: 30 minutes Before Working Out

When it comes to toning up the one key is to stay not only consistent with your workouts but also to continue to take your intensity up with each day of your workout plan (by the way if you’re looking for a great toning up workout try my Most Intense Fat Blasting Workout). So with this in mind one thing that will make sure you always have just the right amount of motivation to up your game each day, then a pre-workout like the new Pre JYM is a great fit.

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