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Lean Muscle Now: How to Build Muscle Mass

How to Build Muscle Mass

Taking Your Training to the Next Level

Building lean muscle mass takes more than just the right level of resistance training. While weight training serves as a critical foundation to increasing muscle mass, it’s really only the first step. Let me explain…

In order to gain lean muscle mass, your muscle tissue first needs to be put under some sort of tension. It needs to be engaged, usually repeatedly, to a high degree. This essentially causes the muscle tissue to stretch and tear. When it repairs itself, it builds new tissue, essentially “filling in the blanks” and increasing the overall size and density of the muscle.

For this reason, weight training is the first step in your muscle building efforts. You need to hit the weights hard and you need to hit them often. The usual results are usually seen with a 4-5 days a week weight-training regiment at a minimum of 40 minutes per workout.  Check out many celebrity workouts and get some extra motivation here: Workouts & Motivation Photos Women & Workouts & Motivation Photos for Men.

You can definitely increase your effort depending on your goals, but make sure you’re giving yourself enough rest. Allowing your muscles to repair themselves during this time is key to seeing results.

But once you get your routine down, there’s a lot more you can do to build muscle mass…

How to Build Muscle Mass

Increasing your protein intake is an essential step in the muscle building process. If you talk to any bodybuilder they’ll tell you that they eat for their muscles – meaning they’re consuming more protein and calories overall in order to see real results.

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