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Fruit: When Not to Eat It & When to Eat It

Fruit When Not to Eat It & When to Eat It

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When it comes to eating healthy and losing weight, I get a lot of questions from my clients about fruit – how much to eat, when not to eat it, and when to eat it.

And these are actually really important questions. Most fruits present a bit of a dilemma due to their high sugar content. Now, keep in mind that that fruit is natural and unprocessed, so it’s not as bad as the sugar you add to your coffee. Plus it comes along with a bunch of vitamins and nutrients, like fiber, that actually help you burn more fat.

But nevertheless, the sugar can be a problem, especially if you eat too much fruit. It’s recommended that you get about 8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, but I would make sure that no more than 4 of those servings are fruit. You don’t want to overdo the sugar, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. The problem really comes down to the extra calories, and if you don’t burn off the sugar, these calories can be stored as fat.

For more information on calorie intake, read my article, How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day?

Timing is another important factor when it comes to eating fruit, so let’s take a look at when not to eat it and when to it…

When Should I Avoid Eating Fruit?

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