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Why You Don’t Need to Count Calories Ever Again

Why You Don't Need to Count Calories Ever Again

Take a More Realistic Approach to Dieting

Counting calories is just as bad as counting the number of grey hairs you have or the number of wrinkles on your face.  It doesn’t help you address the problem and instead makes you fixate on something that is pretty much pointless. It’s time for a new mindset, a mindset that strives for change and does so in an optimistic and positive energy manner.

In fact, when I started this blog I chose “weight loss” as a mindset I specifically wanted to break apart. If you’ve tried calorie counting you’ve probably been left feeling really hungry, and not having enough energy to get through your workouts nor recover properly.

It turns out that calorie counting only works to a point. If you’re really overweight or have issues with overeating more generally, restricting foods and hence calories obviously will help with weight management. But it’s not sustainable, and there are a lot of ways that it just doesn’t make sense.

Here’s why…

All Calories Are Not Created Equal

This is the biggest problem with calorie counting – it’s based on the idea that all that matters are calories, regardless of where they come from. But where they come from is really important. It’s true that one calorie is one unit of energy provided by food, but you also need to think of where those calories come from.

Junk Food is Junk Food, Regardless of Calories

And here’s the biggest problem. By basing your diet strictly on number of calories consumed, you can essentially allow those calories to come from anywhere, including junk food. But to get really healthy, you have to worry more about what you’re eating. By that I mean the nutritional composition of your food, the ingredients involved, and how the food you eat can actually help you burn more fat.

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