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This Is Why These Cars Get Returned by Owners Within the First Year

Choosing a vehicle is a hard decision; there are a lot of factors to take into account before purchasing a car, a truck or an SUV. However, it often happens that even after making an informed decision, people end up selling or trading in their brand new car before their first year of ownership. Why? It can be anything from high maintenance costs and reliability problems, to a car simply not living up to its name. Here is a useful list of cars, trucks and SUVs that people got rid of before their first year.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Some of you might be surprised to see a Mercedes on this list, but the truth is, sometimes luxury has its limits. The Mercedes Benz C-Class is the German automaker’s mid-size sedan, whose technology and luxurious interior made a popular purchasing choice.

However, many owners have gotten rid of the C-Class within the first year, due to the exorbitantly high maintenance costs and insurance. In fact, a total of 12.5 percent of buyers return it within a few months.

Dodge Dakota

In 2006, Dodge decided to take its Ram Dakota models and completely redesign them from scratch. The new trims were a lot sportier and featured a 210 horsepower V6 engine with upgrades for up to a 4.7 liter V8 with 302 horsepower. The redesigned Dakota seemed very promising, but Dodge later found out that making this model was a big mistake.

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The Dakota trucks often broke down in the middle of driving, which made them incredibly unreliable. Since the most important trait of a pickup truck is reliability, many owners were returning the Dakota within the first year after buying it.

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