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Cringe Worthy Car Trends That Have Got To Go

We’re all for a little car-tweaking. A cool grille, a splash of color, or even some subtle sparkles can really make a car pop. Unfortunately, some car owners tend to go overboard, taking their cars from something that’s a little ‘pimped out’ to an utter vehicular catastrophe. While you may recognize some of these trends, we have chosen only the truly deplorable fads that have plagued vehicles over the years.

Einstein once said that human genius is limited, while human stupidity is not. Imagine how he would have reacted if he had seen these fads during his time. Are you ready to see some of the worst car customizations of all time?

Car Wrapping Paper

Sometimes car owners get inspired by Saudi Princes and the way they plate their Mercedes and BMWs with anything expensive, ranging from gold to diamonds. In fact, the world’s most expensive Mercedes was a $4.8 million Mercedes SL600 which was completely covered with 300,000 diamonds. There’s no denying that this is one of the most gorgeous cars in the world, but it doesn’t mean that putting ugly vinyl wraps on your car to pretend you have a luxurious vehicle is a good thing.

This person coated their car to look like a Louis Vuitton bag. If the design of these wrap isn’t bad enough, most people rely on cheap reflections to coat their cars and often end up blinding the person who’s trying to look at the car or simply disappear whenever a strong light is pointed at them. There’s a very simple rule with wraps — if it costs less than $50 and can be bought on Wish or eBay, it’s probably not the right choice.

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