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What is it Like to Live in Russia?

Russia has always maintained its air of mystery. People who don’t live there, never really knew what was going on within its borders, but since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has been more open to the public.

Getty Images Photo by Adam Berry

That doesn’t mean that its mystery has been lost. It is still an enormous enigma which people seem to either love with abandon or despise with a passion. After reading this, you will know a lot more about this diverse and intriguing country and learn many surprising facts. Hop on for an exciting wild ride into the depths of Russia, its places and its customs.

Russia is the Size of Pluto

By now, we understand that Russia is big, it is the biggest country on Earth, but it’s still hard to comprehend exactly how big. To illustrate this point, we have come up with an example that may help you understand the sheer size of the country.

Simply put, Russia is almost as big as an entire planet. It is 17 million square kilometers, while the planet of Pluto is 16.6 million square kilometers. Yes, they are basically the same size. Try and wrap your head around that…

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