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Seven delicious food prevent male impotence

1, eat wolfberry to protect kidney and strengthen the vitality

The kidney maintenance is always the compulsory course for men, due to the kidney is the man’s pillar. During the former time, people always think that take the same shape food can do better, but eating more visceral and seafood can reach high cholesterol and often lead to problems such as high blood pressure. For in senile man friend, they couldn’t care less about cholesterol. The food contains high vitamin E, but less in cholesterol are good products for your kidney, and the wolfberry is undoubtedly the first choice. In addition, the black sesame, walnut are also worth to recommend.


2, eat more spinach to protect your eyesight

3, 20 cherry fight arthritis

The men who are often running outside are easy to suffer from arthritis. Often eat cherry or drinking cherry juice, can prevent arthritis. Eat 20 sour cherry every day, you can basically control the pain caused by arthritis.

4, 10 grapes blocking stroke

The probability of a man suffering from heart disease and stroke is higher than women. As long as we eat 10 grapes every day, it is best not to peel, you can easily solve the problem.


5, 3 watermelon is equal to 1 grains “viagra”

The watermelon contains a lot of citrulline with the similar pharmacological action as “Viagra”. Eating watermelon is good for men, but the man whose stomach function is not good male should not eat too much, due to the too much watermelon will cause a certain impact on the stomach.

6, 2 oranges prevent stomach cancer

The probability of gastric cancer is higher for man than woman, because man’s stomach usage is higher than woman. The Australian medical experts study found that eating two citrus fruit every day, it can make a 50% reduction in the risk of gastric cancer.


7, 1 apples protecting the heart and lose weight

The probability of a man suffering from coronary heart disease was 3 times than women. Holland scientists found that eating 1 apples a day can reduce the prevalence rate of coronary heart disease with 50%. If a week to arrange a day as the “apple day”, to eat only 400 grams apples, and generally after 5 “apple day” will be away from coronary heart disease. Apple also has a slimming effect.

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