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You can treat acne with balsam pear

Balsam pear is a common food in our daily live, which has good effect for out body healthy. Some people also said that the balsam pear can treat acne, is it true? With balsam pear can treat acne? Today I come to you to do a detailed answer, you can take a look at the below article.

1, acne is a common chronic skin inflammation of the hair follicle sebaceous glands. Easy prone in the face, back, chest and other parts of the sebaceous glands more, often accompanied by seborrhea.


2, apply the bitter gourd cannot cure acne, if suffering severe acne please go to the hospital for treatment in a timely. Mild acne, you can wash with warm water and a mild Cleansing Cream, several times a day, in order to reduce oily skin. This actions can reduce skin oily, dust and other dirty things fall on the skin by adhesive to reduce the chance that it can effectively prevent the secondary sebaceous gland mouth blockage and bacterial infection. Also do not squeeze the acne by hands, to eat less fat and sugar related foods, eat less fried food and onions, garlic, pepper and other spicy food, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation and indigestion, which would help to reduce acne.

The contents of the Bitter Melon Juice can treat eczema this problem made detailed introduction, now we all know that the balsam pear cannot treat acne, if the acne is severe, it is recommended that you according to the doctor’s advice for treatment, do not listen to the letter without remedies, and take some medication by yourself.

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