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6 Pack Abs Foods: Burn More Calories Breakfast Ideas

Burn More Calories Breakfast Ideas

Start Your Day with a Little Muscle Fuel

I hope you’re in this one with me in being a a big supporter of the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s your first punch of energy after a night of starving your muscles, so you’ve got to do it right, especially if you’re trying to tone up and increase your lean muscle.

Now you’d probably agree that breakfast is also the meal that gets the most boring for us in terms of options. Whether it’s eggs or oatmeal, even the healthiest quick breakfast ideas can grow old fast.

That’s why we’re going to look at 5 awesome high-protein breakfast ideas that I did research on to make sure that you check all the boxes when it comes to the nutrients your muscles require.

If it’s not obvious already the reason protein is so important is that it also keeps you feeling full and preventing that effort-damaging sweet tooth to poke its ugly head and wreak havoc on your healthy eating plan.

I hope you enjoy these options, I know for one I’m going to be trying at least one of them this week and your goal should be to do the same!

5 of the Best High-Protein Breakfasts to Burn More Calories

  1. Egg & Avocado Breakfast Wrap

Keep a few whole grain tortilla wraps on hand for this one. Just scramble up 2-3 whole eggs, toss them in the wrap with a little salt and pepper, and top with half an avocado, cut into slices. The avocado will add a ton of satisfying flavor, and it comes with its own dose of protein!

  1. Egg White & Oats Breakfast Bowl

In a cereal bowl, add 1 serving of plain quick oats, the corresponding amount of water, a handful of frozen blueberries, and 1-2 egg whites. Throw in a dash of cinnamon, and heat in the microwave on higher for 2 minutes or until cooked. The egg whites add a whole new texture to your oatmeal, and some protein to boot!

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