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What should you pay attention after the first abortion?

Gynecological experts remind that the first abortion will have effect on your whole life. So after the first abortion, what should do or pay attention? Here for you detailed answers.

After 5 years love, Ms. Lee and her husband entered the hall of marriage in October this year. When she was 21 years old fall in love with her boyfriend, and then she get pregnant by accident, and it is her pregnant for the first time. At that time, because of the psychological tension, she did not tell family, and had an artificial abortion operation in a small clinic.


After get married for one year, the couple did not take any contraceptive measures but without pregnant. Inspection by experts, it is confirmed that she suffered endometritis after abortion, and result in cannot be normal pregnancy. Therefore, experts remind that the first fetal abortion must be careful

With the lack of openness and lack of contraceptive knowledge, unintended pregnancy is on the rise trend. According to Chinese Ministry of health released the latest data, there are 700-800 million women implementation of operation abortion every year.


Abortion is the remedial measures after the failure of contraceptive, but not a preferred policy. Since either operation abortion or drug abortion, both can lead all kinds of harm to human body. There are a few couples think that pregnancy is no matter, and if your do not want to the baby, then do artificial abortion, and there will be little or no harm. There are people mistakenly thought the first fetal pregnant child will not clever, not health, must be destroyed.


Remind: especially the first abortion should pay more attention, as it will be habitual abortion or premature delivery, and severe cases can lead to infertility.

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