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6 female diseases contributed by your man

Many women who have sexual life will have more gynecological diseases. Do you know many of these female diseases has closed relatedship with your man. So this article will give your useful introduction on this topic, and get more knowledage on how to protect your health during normal sexsual life.


1, Vaginitis

Every woman in life have had several reproductive tract inflammation, one of the most important factors caused this inflammation is the unclean sex life. The nails and the foreskin is the bacteria source. If your man used to keep the nail, and no hand washing before caresse you, so you must be careful. In addition, the penis is not washed clean, or you are too lazy to urinate or cleaning can cause genital tract inflammation.

The most outstanding performance of genital tract inflammation is abnormal vaginal leucorrhea discharge. When you enter puberty, the body will appear colourless, transparent, moist and lubricate the leucorrhea. If your leucorrhoea grow in quantity, a cheese or bean dregs like, yellow or green, have fishy smell, it shows your leucorrhea is abnormal, and it is usually the signal of genital tract inflammation.


2, Pelvic infection

If your life is not stable, or did not intend to have baby, so you must do contraceptive measures. Repeated abortion is one of the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to inflammation of uterus, ovary, fallopian tube and its surrounding tissue and pelvic peritoneum occurred. One cause of pelvic inflammatory diseas is the menstrual period sexual intercourse, or feculent sexual life cause infected with sexually transmitted diseases and secondary to pelvic inflammatory disease. So, pelvic inflammatory disease occur in most sexually active women and menstrual period.


3, Chronic cervicitis

According to statistics, 50% married or having sexual life women are sufferd chronic cervicitis. Because of the genital tract and cervical epithelial development has not mature, married before 20 years old, ago the first occurrence of sexual behavior before 18 years old, or multi-sexual partner behavior will make the female cervix repeated stimulation from a variety of pathogenic bacteria, virus in smegma, resulting in chronic cervical inflammation, eventually into the uterine cervix cancer.

Women‘s vagina is in relatively open state since the sexual life, so it give the chance for the bacterial growth breeding. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, the bacteria invade the vagina, will increases the possibility of women chronic cervicitis. Therefore, it is necessary to wash women‘s pudenda and men’s foreskin, especially to clean out the dirt from the coronary glans penis in order to reduce the infection possibility.


4, Cervical leukoplakia

Cervical leukoplakia incidence increases in recent years upto about 40%. Cervical leukoplakia is a white opaque appear at ectocervical plaque lesions, have some relationship with the occurrence of cervical cancer.

If only simple cervical leukoplakia, there won’t appear other bad symptom, but if combined with cervical erosion and other diseases, there will be bloody secretions, leucorrhoea grow in quantity or bleeding in affectionate contact. The reason of leukoplakia is high levels of estrogen in the body or the reproductive organ inflammation on local chronic stimulation of the cervical skin abnormal hyperplasia and cause leukoplakia.


5, Cervical polyp

Polyps belong to benign tumors, which grows on human mucosal surface. Polyps are caused by chronic inflammation stimulation on the cervix, and uterine cervix local mucosal hyperplasia, gradually formed protruding outward. There is little obvious symptoms when the polyps are still in small status, and many women only find this problem in other gynecologic disease inspection. The soft and fragile cervical polyps can bleed with little touch, and larger polyps can cause leucorrhoea changes, such as increasing quantity or bloody, or contact bleeding.

Polyps canceration rate is about 0.2%-0.4%. Cervical polyps can also cause infertility. So once find cervical polyp, it is better to remove it immediately.


6, Cervical erosion

Under normal conditions, semen has sterilization and disinfection effect, and the female’s vagina also has self-cleaning function. If often wash the vagina with a greater concentration of disinfectant liquid, it will affect the normal vaginal flora growth, also can cause cervical epithelial damage, ultimate appear erosion. In addition, if we do not pay attention to sexual health,  bacteria will invade the vaginal, caused cervical inflammation. Because of the stimulation of inflammation, local increased secretions, cervical long maceration in inflammatory exudates will caused erosion.


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