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The Secret Ingredients Your Healthy Dinner is Missing

The Secret Ingredients Your Healthy Dinner is Missing

How to Make Your Healthy Meals Even Healthier

It’s not news anymore and a lot of the old rules of healthy eating are being talked about now more than ever. Watch the fat and sodium, cut down on the processed sugar, get your greens and stick to fresh lean meats for protein.

But there’s a lot more to healthy eating than just that – or there can be, if you know what to look for at the grocery store.

Today we’re looking at 10 ingredients nutritionists consider the secret to really boosting your body’s ability to be more efficient burning fat and recovering from your workouts. Some of the items on this list are considered superfoods because of their high nutrient content, while others not only enhance the health value of your meal but also the flavor.

10 Health Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

Chia Seeds

The first item on this list has been a popular superfood for a while, but it goes way beyond smoothies and protein shakes for its many uses. Try adding chia seeds to your salad, mix them into a creamy sauce, or bake them into loaves and breads for an extra dose of omega-3. I like these ones as they’re ogranic and low on the price side – Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds.


If you’re going to buy a leafy green for its health benefits, kale should be your first pick. In terms of superfoods, this is one of the best. Not only does it high in a number of vitamins, it also contains natural compounds that are thought to fight the oxidative stress on your cells which is the precursor to cancer. Use it in salads and smoothies, steam it for a healthy side, or make crispy kale chips.

Goji Berries

Another great salad topper, goji berries are jam-packed with antioxidants, amino acids, and other phytonutrients to support an active and healthy lifestyle. They’re also great to snack on.

Cacao Powder

This is chocolate in its raw form, and this stuff is incredibly high in antioxidants and magnesium to support your health and energy. Use it in a smoothie, or make some smart baking decisions.

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