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Lose Inches All Over – 4 Rules to Clean Eating

4 Rules to Clean Eating

Feel Your Best with Clean Eats

With all the chemicals and processing that go into our food, true healthy eating can seem pretty overwhelming. Not only do you have to grapple with high fat content and added sugar, you also have to think about everything that’s done to your food along the way.

The research is pretty clear on contaminants. Herbicides and pesticides make their way onto your dinner plate more often than you’d like, and foods that are highly processed only make weight loss a bigger challenge that it already is.

So what’s the solution? It’s actually simpler than you might think. It’s not another fad diet, and it’s not some kind of powdery supplement. The solution is clean eating, and of all the diet plans I can recommend, this one’s the best.

Redefining Clean Eating

Clean eating is more of a philosophy and an approach than it is a strict diet plan. It’s all about avoiding processed foods as much as possible, and going with natural options at every opportunity.

Here are my 4 basic rules to clean eating. Stick by these and you’ll not only feel healthier and more energized, you’ll also see a major boost in your bodies ability to burn fat an in turn lose inches all over.

4 Simple Strategies to Clean Eating

Rule #1: Avoid Processed Foods

This is definitely the most important rule to a clean eating diet. For the best results possible, you’ve got to give up the processed and refined foods, and go for foods in their natural state. While you don’t have to go all-natural right off the bat, you should start giving up on all the processed stuff, and plan on having it cleaned out in the next few weeks.

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