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Robert Scott Bell discusses lost principles of healing with Dr. Alan Keyes at the Red Pill Expo

Robert Scott Bell recently sat down with Dr. Alan Keyes at the Red Pill Expo and discussed the importance of homeopathy, the spiritual component to well being, along with other topics ranging from personal sovereignty to 5G radiation to medical error. It was great to hear Bell talk about his back-story, what led him on a path to healing and why he shares a message of hope and healing with others. It was also great to hear the heart of Dr. Alan Keyes, host of Let’s Talk America at

The power to heal is yours

Robert Scott Bell believes the power to heal is yours. Raised pharmaceutically, Bell only knew one way growing up – suppressing symptoms by submitting to pharmaceutical after pharmaceutical. His family was a medical family. Robert was drugged for every ailment or symptom that showed up in his body.

Suffering from a myriad of inflammatory conditions as a kid, Bell asked the doctors if he would ever be healed. He remembers them replying, “We don’t even really know why you’re sick.” “Maybe one day you’ll grow out of it.” Sick, confused, dis-empowered and misled for many years, this was the turning point for Bell.

Calling out to God, Bell began seeking a new path, following principles not found in allopathic medicine. As he grew closer in his relationship to the Creator, Bell became deeply rooted in the principles of nutrition, homeopathy, and the holistic methods that effectively restore the body’s ability to heal itself. At just the right time, Bell met a great mentor and teacher in homeopathic medicine. This is when Bell began to discover what was causing his pain, what was at the root of his inflammation and chronic illness. Equipped with the right mindset, Bell began to implement the strategies that were so desperately needed to bring his body back to a state of self healing.

Learn more about Robert Scott Bell’s story by watching his Red Pill Expo interview with Dr. Alan Keyes, hosted at Find out how Bell overcame a myriad of health issues that allopathic medicine could not cure. Bell is interesting, full of wisdom, and is very knowledgeable on the topics that matter most to our health today. He hosts the RobertScottBellShow, a great resource for anyone wanting to learn how to heal their their body and mind.

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