Health is the most important for woman

Every woman wants to have a good body, in fact, this is not only for the beauty, but also good health is also beneficial to health. A good body can prevent a variety of diseases, women is the most beautiful when there is no disease. Well, here are some of the women that will be able to make you healthier and healthier.

1, pumpkin: weight loss and anti-virus effects

The pumpkin is very nutritious vegetables, which is rich in vitamin A and pectin, and there is a special kind of material can prevent diabetes, resistance to virus invasion, at the same time, pumpkin is low in calories, how much to eat do not have to worry about your body weight, female friends cannot miss pumpkin. Vitamin A in the pumpkin is also an indispensable nutrient to keep skin young and beautiful.


2, apple: to help the skin antioxidant

Female friends want good skin, so eat an apple every day, which is rich in vitamin and high antioxidant capacity that can make the female friends to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, help the cough and phlegm, beauty laxative, maintain the health and beauty of the body.

3, radish: help defecation fire

There is an old saying in China: the winter of eating carrots and the spring of eating ginger, all year round are well. In the autumn and winter dry season, the female friends can use radish to health care. The radish is low in calories, containing more fiber, can help defecation, and help the fire to dry, at the same time, radish also very good effect of replenishing qi and blood, very suitable for autumn and winter consumption.

4, honey: good for sleeping

Honey is a very good health food ingredients, which contains a variety of nutrients, can help women friends health care. Honey helps sleep sedative effect, can protect the cardiovascular and liver function, enhance the body’s resistance and immunity, eat honey can be laxative, improve the symptoms of constipation, so you no longer have tummy troubles, easy to keep a healthy body.

5, peanuts: nourishing and anti-aging

Peanut is a very good anti-aging food, , is very suitable for eating peanuts to nourish the body in autumn and winter dry season. Peanuts are rich in vitamin E, which can prevent the deposition of melanin the skin, prevent the formation of spots, at the same time, can also effectively prevent the female friends of old age, with peanuts and sparerib soup with edible, very nutritious, like peanut nuts of this kind, female friends can eat, not just in the brain, but also very health care.

6, tofu: beauty skin and supply calcium

Tofu is containing rich plant protein and isoflavone, and these are all natural skin care nutrients, so female friends often eat tofu can make a ruddy complexion luster, add plenty of calcium element, especially suitable for the elderly calcium deficient female friends to eat.

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