Do you know the healthiest way to drink Coffee?

Do you know how to maximize the health benefits from Coffee? How much Coffee can be drinking every day? In this article, the experts will introduce health drink Coffee knowledge what is you may not know before.


1, Drink Coffee can prevent migraine

Coffee contains caffeine which can be used as a drug in clinic treatment, such as cold medicine have caffeine for supplementary analgesia. So when you do the self health care, Coffee caffeine can help you prevent migraine. Migraine is caused by cerebral vascular dilatation, so when certain signs, you can drink a cup of Coffee, vasoconstrictor effects of caffeine can effectively prevent migraine.

But migraine symptoms people drinking excessive Coffee will be worse when caffeine is deactivated. Migraine people every day should be drinking 1-2 cup Coffee.


2, 10 grams Coffee powder with 50ml water is the most wonderful combination

Coffee contains polyphenols in green beans, but in the baking process the percentage will be reduced. Although the baking will reduce the while chlorogenic acid, also compounds will be generated at the same time, no change of the polyphenols and antioxidant capacity.

How to maximize the effective components in the process of Coffee bubble Coffee using? Only need to soak 10 grams Coffee powder in 50ml water, so it can use the effective components of about 99%, and this proportion is the best and can make out the most delicious Coffee.

Disk Tea & Coffee2

3, What is the best time to drink Coffee

When people feel tired because of the movement or mental work, the adenosine as a product of energy metabolism will gradually accumulate in the brain to let you have the feeling of fatigue. If drinking Coffee at this moment, the caffeine will replace the adenosine attached to the adenosine receptors in the brain, let you do not feel fatigue, preventing drowsiness. If you drink Coffee during the nap sleep time at noon, after 20-30 minutes, you will get a good mental state.

When you in sleeping at night, your body will secrete melatonin to resist aging, we can use the polyphenols in Coffee to resist aging effect. But attention is required, too much caffeine will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, therefore hyperacidity people should drink less Coffee, more attention should be paid to not drink Coffee with an empty stomach.


4, Add some milk to absorb steady caffeine

The people who like to drink Coffee tend to like the bitter and sour Coffee, but the black Coffee is not that good tasted. So at this time, you can put some milk or sugar to improve the taste, but does not influence the healthy attributes.

Professional personage points out that adding sugar or milk does not affect the polyphenol absorption in Coffee, and a spoonful of sugar will not affect the blood sugar containing, and will also not affect the Coffee fat burning effect. However, you should pay attention on not to add too much sugar, in order not to lead to too much energy intake. In addition, if adding a small amount of milk, it can make human body absorption of caffeine in the slow speed.

The rapid absorption of too much caffeine will stimulate gastric acid secretion, which will cause heartburn and other symptoms, so it is better to add a little amount of milk when children or gastric acid too much people drink Coffee. If the caffeine levels sharp rise in the blood may stimulate the central nervous system, causing dizziness, heartbeat, excitement, restlessness other psychiatric symptoms. If the concentration of caffeine in the blood is more than 40 micrograms / ml, regardless of what kind of people are likely to appear arrhythmia, cramps and other symptoms. If you continuous drinking 10 or more cups of Coffee, there may be other side effects. Because caffeine can remain in the body for about 5 hours, so be careful not to drink Coffee continuously.


5, pregnant women cannot drink Coffee

Many people are very concerned about this issue. The UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) issued a statement in 2008 that if pregnant women have excessive intake of caffeine, it easily lead to fetal weight loss, and increased health risks for the future. Therefore, the pregnant women should not take more than 200mg of caffeine per day. For pregnant women, it is not forbidden to drink Coffee, but it should be control in 1-2 cups per day.


6, drink Coffee does not cause the body cold

Investigation on Coffee polyphenol intake and the state of the skin in Japan, which is mainly focus on the relationship between the Coffee intake and body cold. The results showed that there was no association between Coffee drink and body cold. On the contrary, caffeine has a heat effect, and 3-4 cup Coffee can produce about 10% of calories.

To drink a cup of Coffee in the morning for the hypotension and low temperature people is a sensible way, but only the hot Coffee is good.


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