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Drag race: Bloodhound LSR vs Formula One car

Bloodhound LSR

Watch how the Bloodhound LSR stacks up against a Formula 1 car and a Bugatti Chiron…

The Bloodhound Land Speed Record team has released a video which imagines how the jet-powered challenger compares with other fast cars.

Covid-19 has inevitably had an impact on discussions with potential sponsors, so the team has taken the decision to hibernate the project until the pandemic has passed. This will have an impact on the planned 2021 World Land Speed Record attempt.

“Rightfully, the world has more important things to focus on right now,” said Ian Warhurst, Bloodhound’s CEO.

“Discussions with a number of global brands were looking promising when COVID-19 struck, but the sponsorship industry literally shut down.

“This means our ability to raise the necessary funds in time and, consequently, the window to conduct the LSR campaign safely in 2021 is now very likely to be missed.

“As a result, we are planning to go into hibernation to reduce the monthly overheads to an absolute minimum, and we’ll reboot conversations with potential sponsors later in the year.”

Bloodhound acceleration facts
0-60mph – 6.3 seconds
0-100mph – 8.3 seconds
0-200mph – 13.9 seconds
0-300mph – 19.7 seconds
0-400mph – 26.1 seconds
0-500mph – 33.9 seconds
0-600mph – 45.6 seconds
0-628mph – 50.1 seconds

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