Apple Teases Defending Jacob Mini-Series Starring Chris Evans

Defending Jacob Chris Evans Credit: Apple

Evans dropped his Captain America shield and replaced it with a family, played by Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by William Landay, Evans stars as the hot-tempered and protective dad of a teenaged son who is accused of murdering a classmate.

The 2.5-minute trailer draws you into the story with hints that everything is not quite as it seems. Did the son commit murder? How far will Evans go to clear his son’s name? We will have to watch to find out.

Both Apple and Evans are promoting the drama mini-series ahead of its April 24th launch.

All eight episodes of Defending will be available on Apple TV+, the company’s online streaming service.

Viewers can tune in using the Apple TV app on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. It’s also bundled into select Samsung Smart TVs, the Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming devices. Users without these devices can watch via web browser by visiting

An Apple TV+ subscription costs $4.99 per month and can be shared among a Family Sharing group.

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