Apple Makes Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X Free for a Limited Time

Final Cut Pro Credit: @sichpicsss

Previously Apple allowed people to download Final Cut Pro X and use it for 30 days for free. Now, this free trial period has been extended to 90-days.

Apple also applied this 90-day trial period to its professional music-making app Logic Pro X, which did not have any free trial option thus far.

Now musicians can finally try out Logic Pro X without having to shell out a ton of cash.

Apple said it extended the trial time to give customers who are home a chance to test out the company’s software. There’s no word when this extended free period will end, so you should download your copies of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X and install them before this three-month trial disappears.

Three months is more than enough time to test out the editing packages and decide if they are worth the investment.

Apple is hoping customers will take advantage of this offer and eventually purchase the software when the trial period comes to an end. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X costs $299, while Logic Pro X costs $199.

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