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Yum! 12 Delicious Juicing Recipes

12 Delicious Juicing Recipes

Juicing Recipes to Speed up Recovery and Metabolism

Juicing is one of the easiest ways to get a high dose of healthy vitamins and minerals in a single beverage.

If your goal is to build lean muscle mass, a bigger dose of vitamins and minerals can help support recovery and speed up the muscle repair process.

If your goal is to burn fat or lose weight, better vitamin and mineral support can give your metabolism a serious boost. Plus you’ll feel more satisfied and experience fewer cravings because your body will be getting the nutrition it needs.

On top of all that, juicing gives you some serious energy and supports your health in a number of other ways. You’ll see healthier skin, your metabolism will get on track, and your immune system will be better supported.

All in a single glass is quite a tall order that you can’t get per ounce than any other food or dirnk you could ingest!

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Now let’s get on with the recipes….

12 of the Best Tasting Juicing Recipes

For each of these recipes, adjust the amount of each ingredient according to your own preferences. By the way if you don’t have a juicer a lot of these recipes work well in a blender or magic bullet.

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