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YouTube Now Has an Intro Sound, Like Netflix

YouTube logo.

When you watch a movie or a show on Netflix, you can always hear Netflix‘s iconic chime before it begins. It has no purpose other than serving as an auditive cue letting you know you’re watching Netflix, but it’s neat. YouTube is also adding a jingle of its own, hoping it becomes similarly iconic.

YouTube has announced that now, when you tune into a video from the TV app, you’ll now see a three-second clip with a sound. According to Google, it lets you “know that something’s about to pop up on YouTube” as soon as you hear it.

The company went all-in with this sound, enlisting the help of an audio studio called Antfood to make a sound that’s “human, connected, expressive, and story-driven.” If you want to see if those feelings are accurately captured by the sound, you can check it out on your TV now. You might have even already heard it, as YouTube says the rollout process is ongoing on TVs even before the announcement.

There is also a new start-up animation that’s accompanying the sound. Similar to how Netflix gives you an animation with its N logo, YouTube also gets its own animation to join this new chime.

This sound is currently becoming available on TVs, with Google saying that it will be rolling out on more places over the next weeks and months.

Source: YouTube Blog
Via: The Verge

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