Xbox One controllers will add style to your strafing


If you’re constantly getting slaughtered in online multiplayer games like Haloand Call of Duty, then the least you can do is drop dead in style.

And there’s nothing more stylish than these sleek Xbox One controllers that have just been unveiled by Microsoft.

Part of the special edition shadow design series, the new Xbox One wireless controllers come in Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow.

They feature a faded colour gradient finish, which comes in blue-to-black for Dusk Shadow and copper-to-black in Copper Shadow.

Other than that, they come with the usual features like impulse triggers, thumbsticks, an enhanced D-pad, and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

The controllers will be available later this month in parts of North and South America, before hitting “select regions worldwide” in April. GAME is bigging them up on Twitter, so a UK release is all but guaranteed.

The US versions cost $69.99 each, which works out at nearly £50 in the UK.

It’s been a busy old time for Microsoft, who just opened the door to cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and PS4.

​So that means in the future, you could be playing online multiplayer titles with your PC and PS4 friends on your Xbox One – but only if Sony gets on board.

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