Windows 11 Will Play Notifications, Calls, and More from Your Android Phone

Microsoft Phone Link

Earlier this year, Microsoft teased a big update to its Phone Link app that made texting easier from a PC, and we suggested it was part of a bigger update coming soon. Well, it looks like we were right, as now the company is getting ready to let our Android phones stream all audio to PCs.

Oddly enough, Microsoft is again renaming the app, as it’s now listed in the Google Play Store as “Link to Windows.” Previously known as Your Phone, then Phone Link, but the new name makes more sense.

New name aside, according to WindowsLatest, the updated Link to Windows app from Microsoft will soon be able to link up to your Android phone and playback notifications, calls, text message alerts, and more.

Link to Windows image

Basically, your Android Phone will stream any audio to your PC, which could be helpful in several situations or when wearing headphones. Once you connect your phone to Windows, users can enable or disable specific sounds, tailoring the experience around what works best for them.

This is likely a move thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with Samsung’s Galaxy phones, and we’ll certainly want to try it out as soon as it’s available. Regarding availability, it looks like this is gradually rolling out to users, but you can download the Link to Windows app and try it yourself.

Either way, it looks like a future where texting, calling and interacting with your Android on Windows is about to get even better.

via TechRadar

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