why won’t the webcam on my samsung A8 computer work?

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Samsung computer
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why won’t the webcam on my samsung A8 computer work?

i just got a Samsung A8 Computer yesterday and the webcam won’t work. at first it worked fine, then it wouldn’t play sound for videos i recorded, then it would play sound but not video, then the whole camera itself just quit working. this computer is brand new so it shouldn’t have any problems. i have windows 8 and the videos wont play on any app and the camera won’t even work now. what’s wrong?

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Hey, that is a great question, thanks for coming to answers, I hope this information helps.
You may be able to use your phone camera. Try the two sites below/

Press the designated button to turn on your camera. If you are using an external camera, use a compatible USB cable to connect the camera to the USB port of your computer.

Visit a website that allows you to test your webcam online. An example of a site you can use include
Next try this.
Click the “Allow” button from the flash player settings window. You should now see live video footage from your web camera. If you don’t see live video, your web camera is not working properly.
To reinstall the drivers try this. Right click on My Computer-> Properties -> Device manager -> Imaging Devices -? Webcam. Right click on the webcam and uninstall it. This will cause the computer to reinstall the drivers and software. Restart the computer and hopefully your problem will be fixed.
Here are a list of sites that will help
. This is free software. Try the free trial first. This is free software.

Here is a site with a very good video, it is by Dell the information is so good you should watch it, it will help you understand

Need some special effects, here is a site that you may like

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Samsung computer
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Samsung computer
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