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Why I’ll Only Buy an Electric Bike Moving Forward

Man on a mountain bike high above the fall trees

Electric bikes are an absolute blast. Sure, they can be expensive and heavy, but they’re also fun, exciting, fast, and, contrary to what the haters say, great for exercise. After owning several, here’s why I’m never buying a regular bike again.

The first time I saw an electric bike I was tired, moving slowly, and almost to the top of a mountain before the fun downhill single track on the other side. Right before the top, two teenagers easily passed me while barely pedaling. Cheaters!

Those two younger kids were on ebikes with a motor helping them pedal up the grueling mountainside. As someone who rode regular pedal bikes and owned dozens throughout life, I didn’t know what to think. Anger, jealousy, curiosity, or maybe all of the above?

Since then, I’ve owned a Trek Fuel EX8, a YT Jeffsy mountain bike, and four electric bikes of various types. And while I love my Trek, it’ll be my last pedal-only bike.

Table of Contents

The Benefits of an Electric Bike
EBikes Are Great For Exercise (Seriously)
Electric Bikes Are Getting More Affordable
Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

The Benefits of an Electric Bike

velotric electric bike on a dirt path

Electric bikes are growing quickly in popularity, and according to Bloomberg, the best-selling electric vehicles in 2021 were bicycles. And while that was likely due to the pandemic, there is no denying electric bikes are fun, popular, and here to stay.

So, what are the benefits of an electric bike? There are so many I don’t even know where to begin. Ebikes allow for faster riding, make it easier to keep up with friends, do less pedaling, make it easier to get up hills or go over rugged terrain, and you won’t sweat as much. Ebikes are more affordable than a car, suitable for city travel (some are even foldable,) and great for beginners who want to exercise more. Plus, you’ll be able to explore more places, tracks, and trails than ever before.

It doesn’t matter what type of riding you want to do, either. If you need one for transportation, it’s a great alternative to a pedal bike. You can go faster and further. Add a basket or bag to carry groceries or a laptop, and it’s not as strenuous.

Electric bikes offer greater flexibility and many benefits and come in any style you need. Whether you want to ride on the road, on gravel, at a campsite, in the dirt, or up a mountain, there’s an ebike built to handle it.

Super73 electric bike scooter

I own a city cruiser ebike, a gravel bike, a full suspension eMTB, and a Super73 moped-style electric bike. Each has its pros, cons, and usage scenarios, and I love all of them.

An electric bike can do everything a regular bike can, but they offer many other options, ranges, and features a regular bicycle simply can’t. Now that I have several, it’s easy to see why people everywhere fall in love with them.

EBikes Are Great For Exercise (Seriously)

Schwinn bike riders in the mountains

I get it. Every rider has different wants, needs, and training levels. However, even someone like myself that can handle epic trails and long distances can appreciate everything an ebike has to offer. I still get in tons of exercise, even with a bit of help along the journey.

One of the biggest arguments I see and hear is that an electric bike won’t help you get in shape or be healthier, and they’re not any good for exercise. This is a misconception for several reasons, not to mention that mindset doesn’t apply to everyone.

For starters, yes, some e-bikes make rides easy and won’t deliver much of a workout, but almost all allow users to control how much the bike helps. You can always adjust the pedal-assist levels as you see fit to help get your heart rate up. This goes back to flexibility, as mentioned earlier. You can get plenty of cardio on your ebike, but then add some pedal-assist for the ride home or on light workout days. You can’t do that with a regular bike.

Rad Power Bikes charging and control panel

Furthermore, recent studies suggest those with an ebike get just as much exercise or potentially more than if they had a regular bike. Why? Well, many ebike owners end up going on longer rides or may use the bike more frequently. A longer bike ride with some help delivers similar or better results than a short ride. Of course, your mileage may vary with that approach, but it’s an interesting thought.

We’ve seen study after study that says something similar. Yes, an ebike is easier to ride, but you’re still active, moving your body, getting outdoors, and generally being healthier.

Additionally, an electric bike can be great for someone that’s out of shape, older, or has health conditions. Many people who otherwise wouldn’t attempt a bike ride can use an e-bike to start a fitness journey or become more active.

Plus, when I’m going up the side of a mountain, I get all the cardio I need, and I love having an electric motor to help along the way. Some eMTB brands even have an “eMTB” mode that uses the motor to only make up for the added weight of the components, and that’s all. You still get the same great exercise and experience but can crank up the pedal assist when you need or want it.

Either way, an ebike allows more people to ride a bike and offers greater flexibility or rideability for owners. Exercise is exercise, even on an electric bike.

Electric Bikes Are Getting More Affordable

man and woman riding electric bikes

In the early days of electric bikes, things were really expensive, or you had to buy and build the components yourself. Nowadays, dozens of ebike brands offer any size, style, or price point you can imagine.

For example, you can get small city ebikes for around $700, a Lectric Bikes folding ebike for under $1,000, a Rad Power Bikes fat tire off-road bike for $1,300, the Velotric Nomad 1, or spend a few grand on a Super73. Then, while there are high-end bikes like the Yamaha YDX line for around $6,000, other bikes can certainly be far more expensive.

And sure, you can get a cheap pedal bike at Walmart or a nearby shop for less than some of these bikes, but then you won’t get any of the many benefits of an electric bike. Plus, it’s not uncommon for regular (acoustic pedal bikes) to cost a fortune. My Trek mountain bike was around $3,000 in 2019, so spending that type of money isn’t unusual for a quality bike.

Electric bikes are gaining popularity, growing rapidly, and these days you have more options than ever to get one in a style you want at an affordable price point.

Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

Yamaha ebike Moro 5

Electric bikes are downright more fun than regular bikes. And that’s all you need to know. They’re fun, fast, customizable, get the wind flowing through your hair, and offer more flexibility than a regular bike. So yes, you should absolutely buy one.

My Super73-RX Mojave is more of a motorcycle than a bike and goes over 30 miles per charge, and I friggin’ love it. The Super73 is an absolute blast and delivers more of a thrill (and more looks from others) than any bike I’ve ever had. Or, I can throw a cooler backpack on my city bike and take a riverside paved trail by my cabin in southern Utah for a nice day trip. Sure, you can do that on a regular bike, but using a throttle or the electric motor makes things all the bit better.

In closing, electric bikes do everything a regular bike can, yet so much more. For that reason alone, I’ll only buy electric bikes moving forward.

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