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Why All the Sugar “Detox” Programs Don’t Work Long-Term


Most people start out by focusing on the wrong things: calories, macronutrient ratios, and exercise. Then, they come across better information that says something like, “success is 70% what you put in your mouth (not how much) and 30% everything else.”

That’s a pretty good step in the right direction. Your diet quality does determine the majority of your success. But that’s still very myopic. As you advance further, you gain the ability to zoom out even more.

When you take a 30,000 foot approach, you realize that 80% of your success is determined by psychology, and 20% is the rest. Welcome to the hidden part of the iceberg.

The idea that you can just collect information and put it to use in your life is a magnificent fairy tale. If facts were all you needed, you would have been successful a long time ago.

Believing that more research or more science or more knowledge about eating and exercising will change your life isn’t giving yourself enough credit. It’s saying that you haven’t been smart enough up to this point. And I don’t buy that. You’re a smart person!

90% of people who have the right information still fail because the problem is not an information and logic problem. The challenge is about you as an individual person. Your mindset. Your history. Your recovery. Your wants and desires. Your unmet needs.

Sugar detox programs fail to look at what’s driving your addiction, what’s driving the emotional eating, and what’s driving your triggers. This is why your results on these programs are always confined to a very short period of time and it’s why you always hear of people doing a sugar detox program for the 5th or 6th time!

My philosophy is this: Why don’t we focus most of the work on helping you address the underlying issues? Why don’t we focus on changing your relationship with food so that you can enjoy permanent results?

Doing this real, authentic work means freedom forever. Not freedom until bikini season is over, freedom until the company Christmas party, freedom until you lose motivation, or any other superficial, band-aid version of health and fitness “success.”

You can have REAL freedom if you focus on the REAL challenges.

You may not feel 100% confident right now due to that nagging self-doubt, but I do this work every day with people all over the world who are just like you. The change is real. And it’s fabulous.’


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