Where can i get an apple ipad touch for under 100 dollars?

Apple Ipad

Apple iPad
apple ipad
Image by coolmikeol
Thickness comparison between iPad and iPod Touch. I have a cover for my iPod Touch so its not a very good comparison, its as thick as the iPad with it on. Photo taken on 4/5/10.

Where can i get an apple ipad touch for under 100 dollars?

I want a 32gb apple ipad touch but they are expencive and I don’t want to spend over 100 dollars? Where can i get one for that price?

apple ipad best answer:

Answer by Bjorn
Imagination land.

If you want an Ipad, you are going to have to pay almost full price for it. There is really no way around it.

There are websites that you can get one for “Free”. But Free is not truely free.

You have to sign up for a bunch of trial offers for places like Columbia House, Netflix, Identity guard and other membership sites. Then you have to get a bunch of friends to do the same. If they don’t sign up, you don’t get the Ipad.

Have fun.

Apple iPad faux pas
apple ipad
Image by Swamibu
A whole page at a time? Really? ?

On January 27th, Apple launched the new iPad. This was the first thing I spotted :p

Apple iPad
apple ipad
Image by d!zzy
[ Engadget 癮科技] Apple iPad 發表總整理
關於Apple iPad的噗文匯總
關於唉墊板, 我們在噗浪上的胡思亂想


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