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What’s the Difference Between Coconut Milk and Coconut Water?

two green coconuts; one cut open to show the white flesh and coconut water inside.

For years, coconut milk and coconut water have been hot items in grocery stores. But are these two drinks really all that different?

Coconut milk and coconut water have many differences, including how they’re processed from the fruit and their uses as an ingredient.

If you crack open a coconut, you would find coconut water inside. This clear liquid is more abundant in young, green coconuts. As the fruit ripens and fades to a brown, fuzzy texture, the water hardens into the white flesh you’ll find inside the coconut.

Coconut milk comes from the meat of the coconut, also known as the white, milky flesh inside the fruit. You can add coconut water to the coconut milk depending on the consistency you would like, from light to creamy.

It’s important to mention that coconut milk and coconut water are not interchangeable. Coconut milk is thick and creamy, making it a good ingredient when baking or when cooking a savory curry. On the other hand, coconut water is usually lighter and consumed as a drink. It’s often infused in sports drinks for its high electrolyte content.

Now that you know the difference between coconut milk and coconut water, have you ever wondered what makes milk and dark chocolate different?

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