We Are Beginning To Feel Crushed By The Number Of Work Emails We Get

Have you ever felt like your email situation at work is out of control?

We’ve seen inboxes that range from perfect 0s to the eye-watering 10,000s but the simple fact is: it’s only getting worse.


Nearly 200,000,000,000 emails were sent in 2015 with the average worker getting around 122 emails per day.

Let’s just take a moment there, that’s the AVERAGE amount, which means that there’s every chance you’re getting even more than 122 emails per day.

To make matters worse stats reveal that just 18 per cent of HR professionals have said they’re doing anything to actively help their employees manage their inboxes.

It’s not for lack of calling out for help either. Around 40 per cent of us have tried at one point to get our emails under control and while it was initially a success the average amount of time it lasts for is just five days.

How can I reach Inbox 0?

Workplace guru Kevin Kruse recommends this simple but effective technique for tackling your emails:

1) Schedule three times a day to process your email (morning, noon, night).

2) Set the timer on your phone for 21 minutes.

3) Try to get to inbox zero in that time.

“Make a game out of it. 21 minutes is intentionally not enough time, but it will keep you focused, ensure that your responses are short, and that you don’t start clicking links out into the wonderful world of internet distractions.”

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