UPS power protection replacement battery

Protecting expensive computer equipment and delicate electronics are important especially when protecting data. I see it often that small and large businesses alike neglect and ignore that they have obsolete or non functioning UPS’s battery backups plugged in their walls with their expensive computer equipment covered in dust under messy desks or in closets.

UPS’s don’t last forever and should be tested on a regular basis along with any computer and network maintenance.
A small business in Lake Mary Florida called me to figure out why one of their computers no longer turns on. Upon arrival I noticed the computer was covered in dust and was obviously not properly maintained. The first thing I did was check the UPS that the computer was plugged into and immediately determined the UPS was not working at all. The computer in fact was not broke as the customer suspected. I took the UPS apart and discovered it was over 5 years old and the batteries inside were physical swollen, cracked open and leaking battery acid which was so old is was dried up and crusty.

The UPS was old and needed to be replaced so I drove to the local batteries plus store in Sanford Florida and was shocked when I saw the store was boarded up from a fire. Here is an article on the local news about the Batteries Plus Fire in Sanford Florida.

This is a shame as this local store was a great place to go for batteries and light bulbs especially the odd ball hard to find ones. The employees have always been friendly and helpful.  I hope they recover quickly and open their doors soon. My next option was to drive to the Orlando Battery Plus store where I purchased a new UPS battery backup  for my customer. I recommend only using UPS’s that have 2 batteries for a desktop computer because the cheaper 1 battery UPS battery backup units are not that great but are ok if you are on a real tight budget. It’s really better to spend a little extra money to buy the bigger and better UPS to protect a computer. After setting up the new UPS I showed the customer how to test the UPS and explained this should be done every month and that the internal batteries should be replaced every 2 years.

Below are some photos I took for this information technology blog and while you are at it go ahead and test your own UPS and go ahead either replace the batteries in it or buy a new UPS if it is old and neglected and don’t forget to test your new UPS every month. These things are designed to protect your computers and if they are neglected and broke down you really should expect them to work and protect anything.





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