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Top health care recommendation for man

What kind of heath care should men must know? Nowadays, the male working and life pressure is more and more, but a lot of men don’t pay attention to their own health. In fact, now the men are also the vulnerable groups of healthy, so you need to understand a lot of health knowledge.


1, the healthy male need enough water

Water is the necessary material for a healthy man, and especially the muscular men should drink more water. The water content in the muscle is about 2 times than in fat. Water can ensure the lubrication of joints, regulate body temperature, reduce the incidence of urinary tract inflammation and stones, and also provide minerals for the body tissues. For the normal men, they should drink at least 1500 – 2000 ml of water per day, and in the hot weather should drink more water for the sports men.


2, trace metals are essential for men’s health

Every man wants to maintain the vitality of life, so the trace element zinc plays an important role. Zinc deficiency can lead to impotence. The beef, chicken, seafood, whole grains and legumes are rich in zinc. Besides the zinc, magnesium also very important in this area, as it can strengthen the activity of sperm, which can increases the chance of successful conception. Bananas, beans, potatoes, oats, leafy vegetables, seafood and other foods are rich in magnesium. The magnesium is the essential substance to guarantee the normal operation of the heart. It helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.  Chromium is an element that is also very important for men. It helps to make the male body to maintain normal cholesterol levels, promote muscle growth and enhance the body’s endurance.


3, in the process of male health care, pay attention to intake of vitamin is also very important.

Vitamin C is the “King” of the vitamin family, which can enhance the resistance to infection, prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke, and is also good for teeth, gums, eyes, helps delay aging, prevent asthma and male infertility. The green pepper, strawberry, orange, lemon and other fruits are rich in vitamin C. Experts think that people who smoke should be more intake of vitamin C. Vitamin A helps to improve immunity and protect eyesight, as well as anti-cancer effects. Carrots, fish, animal liver, dairy products, apricot and muskmelon contains rich vitamin A. The vitamin B6 can reduce the incidence of kidney stones, such as bananas, fish, chicken, animal liver, potatoes, whole grains and sunflower seeds also contain vitamin B6.


4, good habits in the daily life is also the key to male health

The men should enhance the health consciousness during the daily life, strengthen health maintenance; reduce health risk factors, change the bad habits; establish the confidence of life to seek effective help; cognitive health of the error correction.

The above are some useful items for our routine health care, so we should pay attention to in the daily life.


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