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Top 10 most popular cars featured in video games

Volkswagen Beetle

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle has surprisingly topped a list of the most featured cars in video games.

Spotted in games such as Grand Theft Auto, Grand Turismo and Need for Speed, the people’s car beat supercars including the Ferrari Enzo to the top spot.

Car buying comparison site carwow analysed thousands of video games with the help of online resource, the Internet Game Cars Database to create the Top 10.

Grand Theft Auto

American classic the Chevrolet Camaro is second on the list (Far Cry, Dead Rising 3 and The Sims).

Perhaps unsurprisingly – considering the amount of criminal behaviour that occurs in video games – a model that is often used as a police car is at third place.

The Ford Crown Victoria Sedan can be seen in apocalyptic horror games such as The Last of Us and The Walking Dead as well as 177 further games.

A more unusual vehicle makes it to fourth place – the Chevrolet Step Van is a type of truck that has a number of uses from delivery trucks to SWAT vans. The van has been featured in games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Twisted Metal.

Meanwhile, Ford is the car brand that appears the most in video games, followed by Chevrolet and Toyota.

10 most common cars in video games

  1. Volkswagen Beetle – featured in 337 games
  2. Chevrolet Camaro Mk1 – featured in 198 games
  3. Ford Crown Victoria Sedan – featured in 179 games
  4. Chevrolet Step Van – featured in 156 games
  5. 2002 Ferrari Enzo – featured in 119 games
  6. Toyota Supra Mk.IV JZA80 – featured in 91 games
  7. Toyota Hilux – featured in 88 games
  8. Ford E-Series Ambulance – featured in 86 games
  9. 1987 Ferrari F40 – featured in 84 games
  10. 1995 Ferrari F50 – featured in 83 games

10 most featured car brands in video games

  1. Ford – featured in 8,707 games
  2. Chevrolet – featured in 6,242 games
  3. Toyota – featured in 4,299 games
  4. Nissan – featured in 4,264 games
  5. Honda – featured in 3,141 games
  6. Dodge – featured in 2,933 games
  7. Mercedes-Benz – featured in 2,739 games
  8. Volkswagen – featured in 2,640 games
  9. BMW – featured in 2,548 games
  10. Ferrari – featured in 2,203 games

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