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Tips for sleeping well during hot weather

With the arrival of warm weather and especially during the summer months in many cities is very difficult to sleep. There are times when the temperatures do not drop enough to feel at ease when sleeping and there are cases in which this uneasiness can cause insomnia also known as insomnia summer.  Try to avoid this discomfort are a lot of remedies and tricks that people use. We recommend you some tips for sleeping that will be successful to sleep on hot summer nights.

One of the mainly important aspects is the hydration. If we have a hot day we drink at least three liters of water during the day to keep the body hydrated by evening. Keep in mind that there are certain foods that help you sleep better. Foods low in fat and calories are best suited to sleep. Saturated fats need plenty of water for amalgamation so it is best left aside at dinner.


Like there is certain not recommended for such situations, alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks May also affect sleep food. May seem silly but the position can also influence when it comes to sleep. If we decide to sleep on your side we will have less body on the sheets so the feeling of heat will be lower. Can be used fans to cool the bedroom stay. So all it is important not to place directly in front of the person. It can be placed on one side of the room and so cool the room but if possible it is best not to use the air conditioning.

No good if you follow the tips above the room where we sleep is not well ventilated. Before going to sleep, no advantage to get the heat that has accumulated during the day. In addition, at noon we recommend lowering the blinds in the bedroom. If we do exercises before sleep our body will be more active. This will cause it more hard to sleep especially if also hot. Instead opt for a relaxation exercise.

Clothes we used to sleep are a factor that affects a lot. It should be comfortable clothing is recommended to be cotton. It may seem strange but cotton helps proper absorption of perspiration and does not cause extreme sweating. Surely, with these easy tips will find it easier to sleep at night very hot summer. Also if these tips will add a natural remedy with calming herbs surely we have no problems.

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