This Simple Trick Can Make Silver iPhones Look Brand New Again

Silver iPhone XS and Box Credit: D_Zheleva / Shutterstock

Many recent flagship iPhones and Apple Watch models are available with a stainless steel chassis. And if you own a silver-colored device, it may be more prone to micro-abrasions and scratches.

That’s because color options like Space Gray or Gold actually have a coating in those colors. That coating helps protect against scratches that can dull your iPhone’s shine.

If you own as silver iPhone or Apple Watch, you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t nearly a shiny as when you first bought it. That’s likely not grime. It’s the result of scratches and abrasions.

But one Reddit user actually discovered a simple and easy way to get your silver device’s shine back. All you need is a little stainless steel polish and some type of polishing cloth.

There’s no specific stainless steel polish to use, just find one that’s made for the material. You can find them on Amazon or at your local hardware store.

You can use some type of rotary tool or drill with a polishing bit too, if you’re so inclined.

How to Clean Your Silver iPhone with Stainless Steel Polish

Basically, all you do is apply the polish lightly to the stainless steel portions of the iPhone. Usually, that’s the side chassis. Then, wipe the polish off with a paper towel or another clean rag. After a while of polishing, your silver device should be as shiny as ever.

Of course, this is likely not Apple-approved. So in the interest of not messing up your iPhone, here are some additional tips to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t polish aluminum devices, or you’ll ruin them.
  2. The same goes for stainless steel iPhones that aren’t silver. You’ll just end up polishing off the coating that gives them their color.
  3. Make sure not to polish any glass. On most modern iPhones, the glass portion consists of both the front and rear. This might not damage it, but it’s best not to test it.
  4. Turn off your device before starting. Even if your iPhone or Apple Watch has a decent IP rating, you don’t really want to mix active electronics and liquids or chemicals.

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