These Hilarious Cooking Nightmares Will Make You Feel Like Gordon Ramsay

Cooking is hard.  When it comes to trying out a new recipe, we can fail miserably. These dishes can take the form of a monstrous-looking meatloaf or  a dressing drenched salad topped with Cheeze-Its. It’s hard to get it right. Good food involves a lot of trial and error.
Unfortunately for these folks, many of the results you’re about to see are mostly about the error. Want to see just badly you can bomb in the kitchen? Check out these cooking nightmares.

Mission: Candy Corn Cookies

Honestly, before we even talk about those candy corn cookies, we have to first comment on the state of that poor stove. It’s quite clear that with appliances like that, this kitchen does not get nearly the amount of attention it truly deserves. It’s a no brainer that whoever would attempt this instant supposedly easy candy corn mix would fail miserably.

Just keep it simple, buddy. It’s great that you’re making cookies, but lets first master shapes and single colors before we move onto advanced level baking, like two colors and triangles. Baby steps.

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