These 117+ New Emoji Characters Are Coming to iOS 14 Later This Year

New Emoji Coming in 2020 Credit: Emojipedia

Emoji 13 introduces a total of 62 new emojis, as well as 55 skin tone and gender variations. That includes new gender-inclusive and gender-neutral options.

New animal emoji characters include a black cat, a bison, a mammoth, a beaver, a polar bear, a dodo, a seal, a beetle, a cockroach, a fly and a worm.

Blueberries, olives, bell peppers, flatbread, fondue and bubble tea make up the food options in Emoji 13.

There are also a variety of characters for household objects, including a potted plant, teapot, piñata, magic wand, nesting dolls, mirror, window, plunger, mousetrap, bucket and toothbrush.

new emojis 2020 emojipedia

Miscellaneous characters include a flip-flop, military helmet, accordion, long drum, feather, rock, wood, hut, pickup truck, roller skate, knot, coin, boomerang, screwdriver, carpentry saw, hook, ladder and more.

Emoji 13 also introduces some new people and face options such as a ninja, person in tuxedo, woman in tuxedo, person with veil, man with veil, woman feeding baby, person feeding baby, man feeding baby, people hugging and Mx. (gender neutral) Claus.

veil mx claus tuxedo emojipedia 2020

Other characters include smiling face with tear, disguised face, pinched fingers, an anatomically correct heart, and lungs. There are also new transgender flag and transgender symbol characters.

Apple is one of many companies that uses Unicode, so it’s pretty much a given that the new characters will end up in iOS 14 and the company’s other operating system updates sometime in the fall.

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The new characters may not debut in the first version of Apple’s operating system, however. Last year, Apple introduced the updated set of Unicode 12 emojis in iOS 13.2, which was released in October 2019.

You can view a full list of the emojis characters, as well as other additional details, over at the Unicode Consortium website and Emojipedia’s website.

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