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The Worst Schools in the U.S: You’ve Been Warned

While we all know about prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale or Columbia, other colleges may not have it as good. And while you can certainly get by without an Ivy League education, there are schools out there that are about as helpful as having a summer job flipping burgers.

Whether these colleges are in lawsuit hell, have a sky-high drop-out rate, or have just plainly left you in thousands of dollars of debt, they all have a rotten reputation. Here are all the schools that have made the list of worst academic institutions in the United States.

Johnson State College

Location: Johnson, Vermont Johnson State was established back in 1828. In 2018, however, it merged with the nearby (former) Lyndon State and became Northern Vermont University.

The acceptance rate at NVU is 95%, but the graduation rate is only 37%. Tuition is also fairly high, at $15,000 per year on average.

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