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The World’s Most Dangerous Bridges

Here is a list of the most dangerous bridges in the world. Some of them were designed by world class engineers, while others were constructed by locals who used materials they found in the nature

These dangerous bridges that you’re about to see are so freaky that you will hope you never have to cross them, or for the daredevils amongst us, you’ll be planning your next stunt.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Not only is this bridge the highest suspension bridge in the U.S, it also has some historical significance. It was constructed in 1929, however, only after fifty years were stabilizing wind cables added. The bridge crosses 955 feet above the Arkansas River. It held the title as the World’s tallest bridge until 2001, when China surpassed it with the Liuguanghe Bridge.

Today, it is a tourist attraction located near Canon City, Colorado. The bridge is located within Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, a 360-acre amusement park. Brave visitors can choose even to ride a cable car which will immerse them in a 360 degree view of Colorado’s most stunning scenery.

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