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The Rich and Famous Who Spent Big To Purchase Their Own Private Islands

It’s no secret that the top tier of earners has some pretty incredible places to call home, but even they need a place to get away to every now and then. While most of us search for flight deals when we can, the other side tends to go about things a little bit differently. After all, if you find a place you really love, why just go there once?

Well, if you have the pocketbook to afford it, you don’t have to make a once-in-a-lifetime trip a singular event. Just ask these wealthy jet-setters because when they found their own little bit of heaven they made sure it was a place they could really call their own.

The Clooneys

As an incredible gesture to his wife, Amal, George Clooney surprised her with a 17th-century English estate, nestled away on a private and remote island. George’s surprise gift cost him a decent $12 million.

Getty Images Photo by Mike Coppola

Altogether, the power couple now own a staggering collection of 17 properties all around the world.

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