The Notebook – casting Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams


The Notebook – casting Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams Watch this casting tape of Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams for the wonderful movie ‘The Notebook’.
Notebook Video Rating: 4 / 5

I have an Acer Notebook with a wireless card built inside of it. How can I find a network security key?

Notebook runs on WIndows 7 but, don’t know if that’s going to help anything. I need to connect to a home computer with Internet. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Blitz
You should have your own wireless internet through a router before you can access the internet or another computer on the network. It’s illegal to use someone else’s internet, not to mention dangerous as they could find you and infect your computer through your connection.

If you don’t have internet or a wireless router you need to get one before your Acer notebook can or will connect.

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