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The New Lamborghini Can Finally Go Over Speed Bumps

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato offroad

Lamborghini is getting ready to officially unveil its new Huracán Sterrato as the world’s first all-terrain super sports car designed to thrill drivers beyond the asphalt. Yes, this is an “off-road” Lamborghini that can easily go over speed bumps when it debuts later this month.

All jokes aside, the new Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato is an extreme vehicle, unlike anything we’ve seen before. It packs a ton of power into a supercar that’s more than an inch off the ground. You can easily see that this supercar sits higher than most, giving it more room for adventures.

After years of teasers and concept images, Lamborghini will officially debut its beastly Huracán Sterrato on November 30th at the Art Basel event in Miami, Florida.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about the vehicle besides the fact that it’s absolutely ridiculous. As you can see from the video, this upgraded and highly capable Lamborghini sits high off the ground, features flip-up LED driving (ditch) lights, and big fender flairs to handle any potential tire movements while going over bumps. There’s even a roof rack, so I’m sure some YouTuber will put a roof-top tent on it.

According to Lamborghini, this is the “world’s first all-terrain super sports car with a V10 engine and all-wheel drive,” which sounds pretty impressive. We don’t have any horsepower and torque figures to share, but it’s safe to assume that the V10 will deliver more than enough power to spin the tires on some loose gravel.

It’ll be interesting to hear what changes the company made behind those body lines and loud engine noises. This Lambo likely has an upgraded suspension to handle bumps and dips in the road, handling adjustments, and more, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, don’t expect this to hit off-road trails designed for trucks, but it’ll certainly be more capable than any other supercar. It’ll probably be crazy expensive considering it’s the last of its kind as the company shifts gears to electric models.

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