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The ‘Great Blue Hole’ Amazing Findings

A Giant Mysterious Marine Sinkhole

This incredible vista has been dubbed “The Blue Hole of Belize”. It is a beautiful landmark and has been rumored to hide some very dark secrets.

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The blue hole appears as if it were a portal into the abyss, perhaps going as far down as any submarine can go. This larger-than-life location has been the source of much discussion.

The beginning of a wonderful adventure

Recently, a group of scientists and conservationists decided to tackle the challenge. The group was led by Sir Richard Branson, billionaire business mogul and the owner of the Virgin brand, and Jacques Cousteau’s explorer grandson, Fabien Cousteau, an aquanaut, ocean conservationist, and documentary filmmaker.

In 2018, the group set out to explore the abyss and map its properties for the first time in history. What they discovered at the bottom of this piece of nature will shock and amaze you.

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