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The Finest Vintage Cars of the 1960’s Golden Age

The 1960s ushered in a revolutionary period in the automotive world. Cars were faster, sleeker, and more sophisticated. Luxury models and muscle cars came into their prime, satisfying America’s growing appetite for top-of-the-line mobility. It was the golden age of automobiles, the peak of American car manufacturer supremacy, and a decade before the Oil Crisis precipitated its decline.

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In the sixties, car racing came into its own. The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, instigated by Ford after it lost a buyout deal for Ferrari, hit the asphalt and competitive racing at Le Mans and NASCAR tracks highlighted the world’s best cars. Let’s look at some.

1960 Dodge Dart

The 1960 Dodge Dart came about as a remodel on a Plymouth Savoy. The zippier name was selected, and the Dart was introduced in 1960, with a 225 cu. in. 3.7-liter Slant-6. It was offered in coupe or sedan, and with three different trim options, the Seneca, Pioneer or Phoenix.

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With the Phoenix weighing in at the top of the high end, both that version and the Pioneer came stocked with a heavier, 318 cu. in. 5.2-liter or a 5.9-liter V-8 engine. Only 13 percent of buyers chose the high-end models, but sales were fantastic for the Seneca. The Dart made Dodge competitive with entry-level Chevrolet and Ford sedans.

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