Swap your brand new iPhone 6 for a BlackBerry Passport… no, really

BlackBerry is running a promotion in the US for iPhone owners to swap their devices for money towards a brand new BlackBerry Passport, including the iPhone 6.

Why they would want to is anybody’s guess, but the offer includes a cash amount to put to theBlackBerry phone based on the trade-in value of your iPhone plus and additional amount fromBlackBerry to keep things sweet.

An iPhone 4S for example will get you up to $100 (£64) for the handset, depending on its condition, and BlackBerry will add a further $200. The most on offer is up to $400 for an iPhone 6, plus BlackBerry’s $200. Considering even the 16GB unlocked iPhone 6 is $649, you’ll be making a loss of $49 in just a couple of months. You’ll be getting a Passport though. Er…

The deal runs in the States from 1 December to 13 February so you have a little while if you want to get your hands on BlackBerry’s oddest looking phone yet. And the offer is strictly for North American customers only so sorry to all Brits who were desperate to ditch their iPhone 6s in favour of something that’s even more cumbersome to fit in a front pocket.

You can use the offer on BlackBerry’s own store site or through only.

Let’s hope someone in the UK puts on a similar offer. We fancy trading in our 2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta for a camel.

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