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Surprising Hydrogen Peroxide Uses You Never Knew About

When you think about hydrogen peroxide, you may imagine a ton of different things, depending on what mom or dad used it for during your childhood. There’s a good chance that when you scraped a knee or nicked a finger, mom was there with the hydrogen peroxide to clean out the infection. Or perhaps you remember getting a case of swimmer’s ear from spending all summer in the pool and having to bubble your ears out with the stuff. But hydrogen peroxide has so many more uses that just cleaning out minor infections.


It can be used on almost anything or anyone around the house. The solution is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, which causes it to bubble and kill when it comes into contact with bacteria. It also means that it’s mild and safe for use on children and pets. Aside from its obvious uses in the medicine cabinet, it can also be used for all sorts of things, like whitening your teeth and removing stains from clothes and other materials!

Remove Carpet Stains

Having white carpets should be something reserved for places where children, pets, and coffee do not exist. But if you happen to have light colored carpet and any of the above things, hydrogen peroxide should be an under-the-sink staple in your house. Not only can the solution help to remove all different kinds of stains, from pet to red wine and more, but it can also help to whiten it.

Use an empty bottle and fill it with five ounces of hydrogen peroxide and one ounce of Dawn dish soap. Shake the bottle lightly to mix both liquids and spray it on the affected area of the carpet. Let the solution sit for a couple of minutes and scrub in with a clean rag. Then, spray with a water bottle that contains pure H2o and wipe again until all of the cleaning solution is gone. Repeat until you can no longer see any visible stains.

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