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Show Off Your Abs: How to Quit Sugar in 5 Days

How to Quit Sugar in 5 Days

It’s Not Just Willpower

One of the bigger obstacles that typically gets in the way of our ability to keep that belly in check is that damn uncontrollable craving for sugar – whether it be from pastries to chocolates or ice cream we all experience it.

Now, before I go on I should mention that I’m all for indulging once in a while.  I for instance, like to relax a little on Friday and Saturday and enjoy a few cheat foods, but the key is that we prevent this from being an ongoing habit throughout the week as that’s when it wreaks havoc on ability to have definition in our abs and muscles.

So with that said, the key thing to remember is that it’s not all about just having willpower to overcome sugar cravings in order to have ripped abs, it’s about thinking smarter with your eating habits.


In particular, the most important thing to take away from this article is nutrient timing.  That means it’s not about depriving your body from those sweets you love, in fact that can have a huge back-fire effect which I’m sure we’ve all succumbed to one way or another!

If we look at it from a physiology point-of-view then we can understand it better.  If you deprive your body from all sugars including fruits and grains, then once you do some exercise and deplete these sugar stores your body is going to go into full on safety mode and trigger your brain to get some more sugar to store for your next physical activity.

What that means is when your blood-sugar drops then your body goes in survivor mode to be able to feed not only your muscles with energy but also your brain.  That’s why we feel so fuzzy when we’re really hungry!

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