Seedlip’s Garden Sour

Author Notes: Seedlip is a non-alcoholic spirit from the U.K. (available in our Shop!) that is all about creating a cocktail-like drinking experience for the non-drinker. T (…more) —Olivia Bloom

Serves 1

For the Apple-Lemon Shrub:

  • 3lemons
  • 3green apples
  • 1cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1cup white sugar
For the Garden Sour:

  • 2ounces Seedlip Garden 108
  • 1ounce apple-lemon shrub
  • 1dash egg white
  • 1sprig rosemary
  • 1sprig thyme
  1. For the Apple-Lemon Shrub: Cut up the lemons and apples into medium-sized chunks (no need to peel, core, or de-seed anything). Combine with the sugar and vinegar in a medium-sized bowl or jar. Muddle the ingredients together until they resemble a thick, chunky pulp. Let the mixture sit overnight in a cool place.
  2. For the Garden Sour: Add Seedlip Garden 108 and the sprigs of rosemary and thyme to a cocktail shaker. Shake for several seconds (without ice—this is called a dry shake). Add the ice, the egg white, and the apple-lemon shrub to the shaker. Shake for 60 seconds or until the outside of the shaker is frosty. Strain into your drinking glass of choice, and garnish with the top of the rosemary sprig.

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