Securifi’s Almond 3 , A Router And Smart Home Hub


Securifi just announced the Almond 3, a brand new touchscreen wireless router that wants to become the central part of your smart home. The Almond 3 will be released in the coming months for $120.

At heart, Securifi’s new device remains a wireless router. You plug it to your modem and it will create a Wi-Fi network for all your devices. But instead of having to configure it from your computer, there’s a nifty little touchscreen directly on the device. For instance, you can use the touchscreen to create a mesh network with multiple Almond routers to extend the range of your network.

The Almond 3 features a built-in ZigBee radio chip to interact with smart home devices, it supports Z-Wave and Bluetooth devices as well. In other words, the Almond 3 can replace the Philips Hue hub and all these other different hubs. It also integrates with Nest devices.

There’s a built-in programmable siren as well so that you can create scenarios with other connected devices to trigger the alarm on your Almond 3. You can also create a list of authorized smartphones to disarm the alarm automatically.

Overall, the Almond 3 is a nice iteration on previous Securifi devices. It’s supposedly 4 times faster than the previous model. You can still create “if this then that”-style rules directly on the device. For instance, you can turn on the lights when there’s motion and all kind of crazy things. And that’s why it’s much more than your average router.



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