Q&A: What latest system software for PSP can play downloaded games?

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What latest system software for PSP can play downloaded games?

i have downloaded system software 5.51 for PSP and i cant play games with it what is the latest software that can put a downloaded games in it?

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Answer by Damon
Nonetheless, even if there is a later version that can play downloaded games, I would suggest getting 5.00 m33-6, it is the most versatile version yet. I don’t know what the firmware requirment is for Dissida, but I think it is higher than 5.00, but even though it has been playing nicely on my 5.00 m33-6. And even though this is unrelated, here is my favorite homebrew site, it is updated everyday with the latest homebrew, and I think it very well may have every piece of homebrew developed for PSP, but even if it doesn’t, it still has a hell of a collection, 361 pages, with 25 things per page, so about 9025 things on it, it has all the updates, pack generators (customize easily what homebrew you want based upon descriptions) and it is amazing. Here is the link to the page with the huge homebrew list:
If you would like to know about where to get full PSP games, simply message me.

System 7 brings a new world of power P1600707
system software
Image by tomylees
I thought it was about time I tackled another bag that came out of the loft.
System 7. Personal Upgrade Kit. System software for the Apple.
Monday, 19th September 2011, Essex.

Install System Software Update – Android 2.26.841.2 Froyo
system software
Image by avlxyz
Install system software update
Would you like to install the following system software update?
Would you like to download the following system update? Android 2.2 (Froyo) and HTC Sense update 92.75MB
You will be unable to use your phone or make emergency calls during the upgrade.

After a long wait, HTC have finally customised the Android 2.2 (Froyo) system software for HTC Desire (Telstra).
The Froyo ROM was on HTC’s website on 26 October 2010. For the patient, the Over-The-Air download was available on 29 October 2010. The difference is that with the OTA download, all your settings, applications etc are retained.

To check for OTA system software updates on your phone:
Menu > Settings > About Phone > System software updates > Check now

A tip for the wary, if the screen times out (turns off) during the download, the download seems to pause. I eventually set my screen timeout to 30 minutes and the download was flying!
Menu > Settings > Display > Screen timeout > 30 minutes

More about the HTC Desire Telstra Android 2.2 Froyo Update:
Android 2.2 (FROYO) and Telstra’s HTC Desire: OTA now available – by Richard Fink, Telstra Exchange, 29 October 2010
Froyo Now Available For Telstra Desire – by Nick Broughalla, Gizmodo Australia, October 26, 2010 at 6:51 PM
Froyo served for Telstra Desire – by Joseph Hanlon, cnet Australia, 27 October 2010Flash 10.1, V8 JavaScript Engine, Dalvik JIT Compiler, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, Voice dialling over Bluetooth, Contact sharing over Bluetooth, Flashlight

More about the HTC Desire:
HTC Desire – HTC
HTC Desire specifications – GSMArena aka HTC Bravo
HTC Desire review – GSMArena

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